what kind of man does a woman want Secrets

Eugene Hill
Women are very selective. what kind of man does a woman want ?

But most women have anopen mind.Thatmeansthat theyareopen to meeting differenttypes of men asyou candraw them in forothermotives.the guy is charming, confident charismatic, charming and makes her laugh,and so on.).

This is why you willhave guys withhave average or lower-than-average lookswithgorgeousladies, or guysthat don’t have ajobwith a hotgirlfriend.You will alsowitness women having relationshipsormarrying menfromall kinds ofraces.

The Ultimate Kind of Man

A good man is theideal typeof manalmost allwomenwant to be.

  • Is confident around her andothers.
  • is masculine in the wayshis thoughts, feelingsandapproaches his life(i.e.when he has a problem,there is a solution, he will find itandcontinues to moveforward, rather than spendingtime getting emotionalas a woman).
  • Shewill be loved and appreciatedby her own persona,notwhat he wantstoalter her appearanceormake her look.
  • is able to leadher and him into deeperfeelings oflove, attraction and respect withthe course of.Rather thanthinking that she will stayin her life for the restof her life, becauseit was goodatthe beginning.
  • Has purpose in direction in life (i.e.Has a goal andvisions of thefuture.
  • Is fearlessinrelationships, rather than enteringrelationshipswith aclosed mindorinsecure mindset.

Every man can be attracted bywomen

While certain men are bornwith moreattractive appearancesthan others,itdoes not mean that they aren’t able to attractwomen indifferentways.By being confident, exudingmasculine vibes that makewomen feelmore feminine, which makesthemlaugh, charming and charismatic or charming, etc.

Thetruthabout attraction is thatmanywomen (not all) are moreinterestedanddrawn tothe person’s behavior, personalityandthe way they make themfeel than they are on howhis appearance.

There arewomen whoare only looking forto be a beautiful man, but the majority ofwomen aremore what kind of man does a woman looking for  of manthey’ll accept.

This video willshow youthe reasons women are drawn tomales and how to leverageit to makehimtheone they desire.

You can learn fromtheabove video The kindsof menthat women canfeel attracted to come invariousdimensions, shapes, and sizes.

For instance, all ofthemen listed beloware attractive to women,evennot having malemodel looks, lotsof moneyor aren’t 6fttall.

  • An alpha male.
  • Aman who is a mystery.
  • Abeautifulman.
  • An overweight man.
  • Ashort man.
  • Aman with a bald head.
  • Avery ugly man.

The truth is thatno two men arethe same.

They don’t wearthe sameclothes or listen to thesame songs, or enjoytheexact same lifestyle.

Therefore, when it comesto theissue of“Whatkindsofguys do women want?” what youought tobeasking yourself is“Howcan I makewomen tofeel attracted tome?”

Why?Itdoesn’t matter if women loveyou as a person , orthink you have good intentions.

It’sgoodbeing kindto women,butit’s really not importanttothem unless you can make herfeel attracted.

It’snot enough just to bekind to her, soand she will be drawn toyourcompany.If youwould like her to feelattracted to you, it’saboutdisplaying the personality traitsandbehaviorsthatattract women naturally.

An example: A woman is likely tofeel attracted to you ifyouentertain her, are confident and charming, and havea masculine vibe.

Ifyou’re anxious whenyou meet womenandyou are quietbecause you are afraid ofmakingmistakes, she will feel offendedandwill be less likelysmile at you.

Attraction isfirstandmost important. Everything elsecomes naturally.

You must make womenfeel attractedby your manin order to becomethetype of personthey want to be.

If you cancreate a woman to feel attractedto youfirst you, she’ll thenbe moreinclinedto overlooksmall(andoften major)differencesbetweenher and youin orderto havea flingwith you, and maybe even beyourpartner.

For instance: Ifsomeone is passionateabout football and the womanthat he meets hatesfootball,itdoes not mean she wouldn’twant to have sexwith him, behisgirlfriend , or perhapsget married to him one day.

Minor orsuperficialdistinctions, like differingtastes in music or lifestyleinterests, don’t really matterto women in the majority of cases aslong asthey possessthemain ingredientof sexual attraction.

A womanwho isin a relationshipwitha football loverwill be more likely toagree to him attendinggames or watching televisionfor a few hourstogether.

She doesn’t have to beobsessed orobsessed with football the wayhis however, she shouldat the very least acknowledge his passioninfootball and admire itsince it’s something thatmakes him happy.

WhatKind of Men DoWomen Dislike the Most?

alt=”Whatkindsofmalesdo womenlike?”data-ll-status=”loaded” data-fr-src=”https://www.themodernman.com/wp-content/uploads/what-kind-of-men-do-women-not-like.jpg”/>

Thekind of menwomen generally dislikeare those who are:

  • Too nice.
  • Nervous or shy.
  • Uncertainty and lack of directioninour lives.
  • Lackingcharisma and personality
  • Too proud orselfish
  • Without any alpha male characteristics.

Thebest way to winwomen is tobeagoodman, however, you must haveballs.

Being confident means that you’re able totake on the world if you need toandhave the mental strengthtoconquer any challengelife throws at your way.

Do not forget, however,to be thegood guy that youalready are.

A lot of men are unsure aboutwhat womenwantfrommen. If theymeet a woman who hasbad relationships, they assumethat women all want to be like that.

There arewomen whodesire a badmale for a lovera boyfriend, but mostguys aren’t andtheymanage tohave a good time, findone of their girlfriends and then getmarried.

Why?A majority of women desirean individual who is strong enoughtotacklethechallengesof life.

A woman will feel attractedto youwhen she feelsthat feeling about you.

It’spretty much as simpleasit gets.

If you’re able to attract womenby this method, you’ll discoveryou’re the type of guywomenare drawn to.

The reasonthat you didn’t get the results you wantedin the past was becauseyoudidn’t have the capacitytoreally attract womenandentice themwhen youspoketothem.