Considerations To Know About men love this position

Eugene Hill

Are you looking to drivehim crazy inbedandadd some spice toyoursexlifewith a littlesex?You have your chance.All youhaveto do isnailthese hot sex roleswe are sure that men love.Most men will spend a loton bed to ensure thattheir lady love is satisfiedandcontent with their sex.Now is your timetorepay the favor.You are able to reversethe roles andget your manto agree with you.Here are the most sought-aftersexual roles that men adore because itisan importantelement of the human experience.These aren’t thenormal, boring missionary jobs.Read to knowwhat they are!

1.Top Woman

This isone positionno man hates. man loves it It allows you tohave the upper hand and lead. men love this position Males love itwhenwomen arethe leader and dominatesthesexual scene.You will be enviousof the womanwho is in charge.Youcan adjust the paceto yourwish, sometimesslow to sometimes realspeedy.Keephimwondering.

2.The reversecowgirl’s role

best position for couples  thatmen are drawn tois the reverse cowgirlpose.In thisposition the woman is atthe top, and her backis in front ofthemale.While it’s notanycontact the gentle stroking mightbe enough tomake your partnerenthusiastic.You can stillengage in eye contact if youprefer, but you mayalso just lookat yourpartnerandgive him a little spice.

3.The standing position

This can be perfected onlyafter afew tries.The standing position is wherebothof youstand andthe manis coming infrom behind.It is possible tomake the mostof your kitchenandtry this position there.Bendforward and holdonto thekitchen’s countertop while he is able to penetratethe space around you.


This isa sexposition thatallows a lotof bodycontact andit’s a very intimateposition.You’ll need to lieon the ground with the man.Your back willfacetheman and the mancan grip you tightly.To make a different choice it is possible to turnlittle facing the man,in order for him toobserve you while havingsex.

5.The Lap Dance

It’stough to find a personwhodoesn’t enjoy sex atdifferent places.Get a wooden chair,andplace yourself on top ofyourman while he islying onthe chair.Thiswill causehis knees weaken,regardless of whetheryou’re facingthe other wayor not.You’ll love the abilitytosit on his lap and feeltotally incontrol.The added advantage withthissituation is that you get towatch your manand kiss himthroughout the day.