Automatic Sliding & Swing Gates

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Auto Mate Systems Ltdoffer and install automatedsliding gatesthroughoutthe UK.They protect you fromboth vehicular and pedestrianintrusions 24 hours a dayandcan beused in conjunction with a variety ofaccess control methods, such asswipe cards, proximitycards, intercoms, andradio transmitters.

Automatic sliding gates are among themostcommonly used security device forany site using remote-monitoredsurveillance cameras. In this case,forinstance,the gate(s)are operatedbysomeone inan observation station for CCTV inanother area of the country.automatic gateSliding gates are innatelysecured by design since thegateacts like a sectionof fencing thatcan be moved to permit access.Theslide gatehas nonaturalactivity fulcrum(as the hingesoftheswing gatehave) that is why it cannotbepushed open or rammedthrough force frontal.

A sliding gateis operated bydrive racking(steel barwithsteel or nylon teeth that are carvedorfixedonto the bar), which is drivenby a motor withan geared cog that isin line with the teeth onthe driveracking. It isimportant to selectan appropriate motorthat can be attached tothe gate andwill allow for the volumeofjobs thatthegate’s sliding mechanism hastoperformwithinanhour.Keep in mind that sliding gates arenotfast moving and if you are experiencingsignificant traffic spikes at shift startor end times,it’s worth considering lettingthis gate up forshortperiods or havingitby a timer orwith a specificaccess control system.talk withOurProjects team tocome up withan efficient and idealoption for your specific site.

Thechoice of motordetermines the choice ofracking utilized insliding gate manufacturing. Nylontooth racking, nylon fittedto an angle made of steel, istypically used for domesticgatesfor silent running.automatic sliding gateMod4steel racking is employedfor gate motors that are capable ofmovinggates ofup to 2600 kilograms andMod6 steelis suitable forgateswith a weight ofup to 6000KG. Auto Mate Systems Ltd. can advise youon the appropriate motordimension, racking specifications andholds stocks of all sizes.

The sliding gatecan be activated withseveral types of access-controlequipment,includingan electronic keypad,remote fobs for radiosproximity or card swipe systems,biometricreader photocell,an induction loop. And, mostlately, via mobile phoneconnection.

Whenthinking aboutwhat a gate should look like,it isessential that considerationis given to the safety aspects.Automate Systems Ltd.Automate Systems Ltd, wecan fully adviseregarding all aspects of making surethe most suitablegatewill meetyour requirements. All we do is ensurean excellent supplyand installation, as well astests of force afterthe commissioning.


Gates that slide on tracksoperate on a tracklaid into the road.The gate is constructed usingan extremely strong beam at theend of the gateinto which are installedtwobearing wheels.They are attached tothe rail that allows forthegate toslide backwards andforwards easily. Thisgives the possibility forthe gate’s design and construction to belarger and more durable, allowingthe gate spans to beup 12 metres,and heights of more than2.4metres.This, when coupled withthesturdy support frame orportals, gives asturdy and securesliding gatesystem.

Theclearance areafor a track-slidinggate isless thanthe required clearance for a cantileveredsliding gate, sinceit is the place to mount theframe and the motor mightnotbe greater than 1millimetre.garage doorsThis gives a totalrunback area of about thegate’s opening and alsothe one metre required for themotor and gate support. Itis imperativethat the run track befree of any obstacles and even.Any slope wouldnotjust causethe motor towork harder than it maybe designed to do but also could createdangers to safety,in the event of havingoperating the gate by hand.All of these are aspectsfor a sliding fencethatour highly-qualified engineerstalk to you aboutwhendesigning your trackedsliding gate.

We can offer:

  • Supply and installationof a fullyoperationalandfully integrated automaticsliding gate.
  • A full 12-month warrantyforall installations.
  • A variety of levels of maintenance agreementsthat will meet your requirements(allat competitive rates).
  • Design solutions foryourspecific site.
  • Technical and diagrams oncables for our products.
  • A description of the items you needto help with yourconstruction design.

To request a quotefor an automaticsliding gate system , or tosimply get more information onourautomatic sliding gate systemsand other systemsyoumay beinterested in,pleasecontact us today.to us by phone, fax or email

It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercialor residentialproperty, ensuringsecurity isa top priorityfor every property owner.You need to have essentialand adequate security measures in placeon your property.

Since gates are the maingateway to entry and out, proper attention must begiven while installing them. Modernsliding doors for autoarehighly sought-afterfor a rangeofhomes.A reliableAutomotiveSliding DoororSensor Door Systemproviderwill help you obtaintheappropriate kind of gatesfor your properties as peryour budget and requirements.

Here are somebenefitsof installingauto sliding doorsorswing gates.

  • Convenience

Automated gatesare widely useddue to their simplicity.You do not havetoget out ofyourcarwhen you want to access the gate or shut it.The gate system operatescompletely automatically usingsoftware programs.It is not necessaryto remember to closethe gateeverywhenever you enterthe property.It will close automatically afteryou enter the property.

  • Ensure Higher Security

If you are looking forthe highest level ofsecurity,there is no denying the importance ofthe latest technology. Auto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gatemanufacturers createandconstructthese systems by making useof cutting-edge technology to ensurean unbeatable security foryour home and belongings.Automated locks as well asintegrated safety beams are among the mosteffective features ofthese gates.These gates offer optimal securitywhen compared to thehand-held security of traditional safetyalternatives.

  • Enjoy More Durability

Modern sliding gateshave been designed and builtto withstanduse and wear.Innovative technologies are usedto make them durableenough for long-lasting use. They aremade to offer youincredible functionality for the longesttime.

Enhance Visual Appeal

If it’s your residenceproperty or commercial elegant and attractive automaticsliding doorsalways improvethecurb appealof the.TheAuto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gate Manufacturercan design bespoke gatesaccording to your styleandpreference for size.

SRTEC Automation offers a widechoice of automated gates,sliding doors as well as other formsofindustrial and commercialentrances. Wecan provide you withtheideal style, sizeandstyle to meetyour choice. Our productsguaranteethe security and safety ofyourproperty.They’re durable, efficient attractive and reliable.

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