5 Simple Techniques For Things to do in Tauranga

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The Bay of Plenty offers some of New Zealand’s moststunningsun, sea,andbeaches.Taurangaliesalong the sought-after coastline.There you candiscoverthe Mauao volcanoasand the breathtakingMount Maunganui beach.The localsrefer tothis seasidegemas “the Mount”, because ithas water sportsforadventurous people, festivals for free-spirited people and deliciousfoodoptions for those who love food.

Here are the bestactivitiesto doinTauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui lies just over Tauranga in the harbor.Mauao is the Maori nameforMount Maunganui. Itis accessibleearly in the morning to enjoyall that it offers.There area variety of walking trailsavailable and it typicallytakesan hour to windyour way upthrough the pohutukawatree.It’ssteepbut once youget tothe top,you willbetreated to a 360-degree viewof Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty coastline.The mountain issurroundedby two of New Zealand’s mostpicturesquebeaches,Mount Maunganui Beach and Pilot Bay, making foran incredible viewfromall angles.Takea picnic breakfast(coffee isa must) andenjoy a tranquilsunrise.

Be Splashed atAn Adventure Water Park

{}McLaren Fallsan adrenaline rush takesyourinterest,look no further thanTauranga’sveryownWaimarino Adventure Park.A mere 10 minutesdrive from thecentreof Tauranga, you’ll be able to gettoan array of funactivitiesspreadthroughoutthe Wairoa.There’s something foreveryone with climbing walls, rock climbingas well as a slip‘n’slide.The Tarzan swing water trampoline, the Tarzan swing or the blob – a massiveinflatable thatlaunchesyou intothe wateris all there forthe brave.Waimarino alsohasevening glowworm Kayak toursinLake McLaren . It’s astranquilas itsounds .

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Every Kiwi summershouldinclude ahike to a waterfall.For a start, gotoMcLaren Falls Park.Thisquick 20 minuteswalk will takeyou throughglowworm caves andnativeforests.There are numeroustrails that traversethereserve’s 190-hectares.Be sure to takea few hoursexploring.TheKaiate Falls, located 30 minutesaway fromTauranga, is nextto be on your list of things to do.Follow the forest walking tracktothetop of the fallsandthen down alongsidethe cascadesuntilyouget tothepool. Take aswim in the dreamy lake.

Take a catamaran outandsail to this uninhibitedparadise

Ashortdrive along thecoastwilltakeyou to Whakatane the place to startfor anunforgettabledayonacatamaran.Set sailforMoutohora Island areserve for wildlife alongthe Bay of Plenty coastline.If you’refortunate, you may spot someunique native species, such asTuatara and Kakariki penguins.You can alsogo snorkelingthroughoutthe island toseethebeautifulmarine life.You canend your day bytaking a dip in thehot water beach,orjust loungingon theshoreoftheboat.It’sparadise!

The Dream Summer Festival

Is it possible tobeanKiwi withouthaving spentatthe very leastone year at Bay Dreams.These guys are greatinputting onshows. CardiBperformed onstage in Januaryof this year and wowed a raucousaudience with songssuch asBodak Yellow.Peking Duk (Sub Focus), LAB, Katchafire and LAB weresome oftheperformers whowere on stageat the NewYear’s festivalin 2021.Bay Dreams will make Tauranga yoursummer destinationif you areseeking a summeryvibe, a greatlineup,glitter,jeansand camping.

These Stores Sell Local Products

Shopping in Tauranga Tauranga Shopping isallaboutfindinghidden treasures andindependent stores.For those withan eye for designand apassionforbrands made in New Zealand, paper plane concept store isan excellentplacetoshop. Theyhavean carefully curatedcollection of lifestyle, fashionproducts,andhomewares.Our Place hostsvariousseasonal pop-ups throughoutthelocal area, rangingfromfashion to artand jewelry.Our Place Centre is builtfromshipping containers.This centre was designedtoprovide low-cost retail spacesfor localentrepreneurs and artisans.Therefore, you arecertain to find uniquegems.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Want to indulge in luxuryproducts?You canenjoyluxury by havingan outdoor picnic that is bohemianwith views of the ocean andMauao mountain.Bay Picnicshaseverything you needto makea memorable occasion, birthdaycelebration, orjustan enjoyablenightout.There are teepees to fitlarge fluffy pillows,festoon light throws,pillowsandBluetooth speakers.The food is also coveredwithplatters that includelocal,raw, and veganproducts.Ifit’sa romanticevent(read:dream engagement) youcould even includethe giftofflowers toyour picnic.

Participate inthemarket

Taurangaoffers something differentin terms of aweekend market.You canvisitthe Little Big Markets every Saturday toviewa variety of talented artisansandtastyfood.You will findeverythingfrom French crepestorainbow shaved Icetolocaldelights.Foodiesshould not missDinner in the Domain,an annualgathering of thebestfood trucksin the area.We are talkingbubble waffles and giant paellasas well assweetdesserts.We areswooning over the delicious veganjunk foodatHello Rosie.Ifyou prefer to eata piece of freshfruit,theSaturday farmers’ marketoffers a wide array ofseasonal produce that will enhanceany cheeseboard.

Moturiki Island – Walk

Yes Youcan walkto that island.Thetiny350-metreislandis located nearMount Maunganui Beach and is connectedvia a walkwaybridge.There isa blowhole on the islandthat releases water duringhigh tide.Take the path up, and you willbewelcomedby the oceanas well asMauao.

Salt Water Hot Pools arean excellent way to relax

Atripto Mount Hot Pools which is a placewhererelaxation and unwindingis your toppriority, isan absoluteessential.The pools are renownedfor theirtherapeuticproperties and willmake you feel rejuvenated.Book a private swimmingpool and the luxuriousmassagethat you wanttoenjoy.

Go tothis Quaint Historic Village

Stroll throughthe cobbled streetsinThe Historic Village andtake a trip back intime.It’seasy to spend thedayin this charmingvillage, which is filledwith hiddencorners, quirky artisans,andcutecafes.The art loverwillhavemany options to pickfrom such asImprint Gallery and Turner Gallery.

Find the best local food

Let’sjust be honest that we are foodies.Taurangaserves delicious foodand drinks thatwillmake you swoon.

Ground Zero Coffeemustalways beat the top ofthelistof coffeelovers.They’re the Bay OfPlenty’svery firstSpecialty Coffee Microroastery, servingthe bestflat whites, as well asIcedcoffee.Ifyou wantsomething sweet,youshould think aboutYo and Co. The dessert bar offers wafflesand savoury and richcrepes.

The Nourished Foodie is theperfect placeforhealth-conscious sweeties.Thecafe is a plant-based one thatbelieves in usinglocal, freshproducts.Youmightopt fortheWellness Bowl filled with herby browns,tomatoes, sprouts smoky tofu andcoconut tzatzikiforbreakfast.Be sure to makespace forsweet treatsfromThe Nourishing Baker, such as fresh and deliciousdouble chocolate brownies or Nutellaandcustard doughnuts.